The Works of John Witherspoon: 9 Volume Set (Witherspoon)

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The complete 9 volume set of the works of John Witherspoon.

Volume 1: Containing an essay on justification and a treatise on regeneration.
Volume 2: Containing Sermons on The Leading Truths of The Gospel, Forming A Connected System of These Truths
Volume 3: Containing Sermons on Doctorial and Practical Subjects for The People of God
Volume 4: Sermons dealing with reverence for the ministry and the edification of the church of Christ.
Volume 5: Containing Final Sermons and Warning About the Stage, Acting and Ecclesiastical Moderates.
Volume 6: Containing the history of a corporation of servants, lectures on moral philosophy, lectures on eloquence.
Volume 7: Containing lectures on divinity, letters on education and marriage, plus other items of interest.
Volume 8: Containing An Essay on Money, Speeches in Congress with other writings, including a number of Letters
Volume 9: Containing: The Life of Rev. John Witherspoon by Ashbel Green