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Meeting Jesus at the Feast: Israel's Festivals and the Gospel (Sittema)

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The Bible tells the unique story of the history of God's redemption, focusing on the central character - Jesus. It was difficult for the ancient people of Israel to put their faith and hope in a Messiah who would not make his appearance for more than a thousand years, so God gave them a series of feasts that provided a hint of the One who was coming. Today, we too must know something about the feasts that celebrate Jesus to truly comprehend that he is the Messiah. Join author John Sittema, and meet Jesus at the feasts!



Dr. John Sittema serves as Senior Pastor of Christ Church (PCA) in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to this ministry, he served in three congregations in Iowa and Texas.



"Sittema's book presents in a fresh way the story of God's coming to us in Jesus Christ to mend the brokenness of human life under the power of sin. Throughout his stimulating study, Sittema artfully weaves together the biblical story of redemption through Jesus Christ with the stories of believers who are experienced the transforming power of the gospel." - Dr. Cornel Venema, President, Mid-America Reformed Serminary