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Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness (Monod)

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Table of Contents:

First Meditation: THE BATTLE


The Measure of Jesus' Temptation

The Nature of Jesus' TemptationThe Timing of Jesus' Temptation

The Reason for Jesus' Temptation

Second Meditation: THE VICTORY

Jesus' Victory, Our Guarantee

Victory in His Human Nature

Overcoming Doubts

Victory in Our Grasp

The Value of a Single Victory

Third Meditation: THE WEAPONS

Preparing for Battle

The Sword of the Spirit

The Temptation to Distrust

The Temptation to Unfaithfulness

The Temptation to Presumption

Satan's Use of Scripture

Possessing the Scriptures



Adolphe Monod (21 January 1802–6 April 1856), was a French Protestant churchman.



"Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness is Adophe Monod at his best. It is a masterpiece, bringing together profound comfort, realistic understanding, practical wisdom, and heavenly glory for every believer and, in a special way, for those who are preparing for or are working directly in some ministry. By the Spirit's grace, if you digest Monod's book slowly, seriously, and prayerfully, you will make great spiritual gain as you engage in holy warfare against your own temptations and lusts. You really must read this book." - Joel Beeke

"Here, in this spiritual gem, the greatest French preacher of the nineteenth century, Adolphe Monod, probes the implications of one of the most important of Christianity's mysteries: the terrible reality of the sinless Jesus being tempted in every area of human sin or vice. Firmly rooted in biblical orthodoxy, these three meditations reveal why Jesus was so tempted, how he emerged victorious, and what his victory means for us. These meditations are spiritual food and drink to all seeking to make progress in the Christian life." - Michael Haykin