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Woman: Her Mission and Her Life (Monod)

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This volume is the substance of two sermons preached by Adolphe Monod to the congregation in Paris in February 1848. A new feature of this edition is a section showing how Adolphe Monod's teaching was exemplified in the lives of his mother Louise, his sister Adele, his wife Hannah and his daughter Sarah. This section is made up mainly of quotations from family correspondence and diaries.

Table of Contents:

First Discourse – Her Mission

            - Woman’s Influence

            - The Order of Creation

            - The Effects of the Fall

            - Nature Speaks on Humility

            - Nature Speaks on Charity

            - The Need to Be Transformed

            - Offering Spiritual Help

            - A Word to the Men

Second Discourse – Her Life

            - Position and Disposition

            - The Married Woman

            - The Young Daughter

            - The Mother

            - The Single Woman

            - The Christian Servant

            - Be a Fitting Helper

            - Man’s Obligation to Woman

Godly Examples – Four Monod Women

            - Hannah Honyman Monod, A Wife’s Support

            - Louise Monod, A Mother’s Involvement

            - Adele Monod Babut, An Older Sister’s Example

            - Sarah Monod, A Single Woman’s Service 


"The Translator of these two discourses of Monod is happy to think that his slight labors in the course of Truth have been apprehended. He is persuaded that no woman can thoughtfully read this small volume without being influenced for the better, and that such may be its long continuous influence on intelligent Christian women is the hearty and prayerful desire of the Translator in commending this Second Edition to their attention." -Rev. W.G. Barrett

"Adolphe Monod's understanding of woman as she was created from the rib of man is profound, yet thrilling to the heart in it's simplicity. Through woman, sin entered the world; through woman, the Savior came also. Regenerate woman is the only woman and she finds her way :' beneath the cross or nowhere'. This book is for every woman who seeks to know her mission for which she was created by God, and the life which comes forth from that knowledge, which God expects and will work in her. It is not only for woman but for every man whose life is touched by woman." -Shirley Cole, At What Price Truth?


Adolphe Monod is best known for his book Monod's Farewell which was published most recently by P & R Publishing under the title Living In the Hope of Glory. Monod was a gifted preacher in the Reformed Church in France.