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J. I. Packer: His Life and Thought (McGrath)

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Like the Puritans before him, Packer saw the natural place of the theologian as lying within the community of faith—not standing above the community of faith, still less standing outside it, but rather speaking to the Christian community as one who shared in their journey of faith and hoped to encourage them to reflect on it more rigorously and profoundly. This small volume aims to help its readers explore and reflect on what Packer so vividly describes as 'the biggest thing that ever was. In retelling Packer's story, this book explores the interconnection of faith and life, opening up the ways in which the core ideas of Christianity change people as they become part of their lives. 

About the Author

Alister McGrath, a friend of Packer, tells the story of Packer's faith and how it sustained him during his time in England and Canada. Along the way he explores Packer's many contributions to theology and spirituality, alternating narrative with reflection. By engagingly setting out Packer's ideas and the central themes of his work, McGrath helps to explain why Packer and his writing continue to be so helpful to millions on the journey of encountering God.