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B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought (Johnson)

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These essays provide an inviting and illuminating look at Warfield’s life, doctrine of Scripture, appeal to reason, relationship to Machen and the fundamentalists, views on slavery, and opposition to Briggs.

Table of Contents:

1. 'B' is for Breckinridge: Benjamin B. Warfield, His maternal Kin, and Princeton Seminary - Bradley J. Gundlach

2. A 'Rather Bald' Rationalist? The Appeal to 'Right Reason' - Paul Kjoss Helseth

3. Old Princeton, Westminster, and Inerrancy - Moises Silva

4. Warfield and the Doctrine of Scripture - Raymond D. Cannata

5. Warfield on the Life of the Mind and the Apologetic Nature of Christian Scholarship - Paul Kjoss Helseth

6. 'Wicked Caste': Warfield, Biblical Authority, and Jim Crow - Bradley J. Gundlach

7. 'The Vital Processes of Controversy': Warfield, Machen, and Fundamentalism - Stephen J. Nichols

8. Warfield and C.A. Briggs: Their Polemics and Legacy - Gary L.W. Johnson

9. Warfield and the Briggs Trial: A Bibliography - Barry Waugh



Gary L.W. Johnson is adjunct professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Suzanne, live in Arizona and have four children.



"B. B. Warfield is one of the most important figures in American church history. He is also one of the most neglected. This volume will do much to enhance our understanding of this great theologian and the context in which he labored." - Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

"For Warfield, the heart of both theology and active religion was the glory of God, who rescued sinful humans from self-imposed destruction and who enabled them to share his work of the kingdom in every sphere of life, including the natural word...It is that theology, and the man who held it, that are opened up in an unusually helpful way by these chapters..." - Mark A. Noll, from the introduction

"The authors provide biographical background, intellectual context, and theological survey. They also skillfully chart Warfield's influence on later evangelicals. This book will assist us in recapturing a theologian whom we need to know again." - Sean Michael Lucas