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Domestic Duties Considered (Jay)

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Sprinkle Publications

“We must realize the significance of Sprinkle Publication giving the public Jay’s Domestic Duties Considered. God will ultimately judge how we treat His institution – the family. Anyone who realizes the value of the family would be greatly helped by reading Jay’s masterful, mature and insightful book.

Jay’s heart as a pastor is in evidence in this book. Also, a faithful reader may be reassured that Jay is faithful to the Word of God. He reminds us that we are responsible to guard the family.

You now hold in your hands a book of great value because it honors the Lord, it encourages the child of God, it ministers to family members, it is exceptionally informative and it will do the readers heart good.” - From the Foreword


Table of Contents:

1. The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives

2. An Essay on Marriage

3. A Sermon on Domestic Happiness

4. The Wife’s Advocate, A Sermon

5. A Charge to the Wife

6. The Christian in the Family

7. The Happy Family

8. The Advantage of Having Godly Parents

9. The Happy Parent

10. The Loss of Children

11. The Loss of Connections




Rev. William Jay (1769–1853) was an English nonconformist divine who preached for sixty years at Argyle Chapel in Bath. He was an eminent English Congregationalist minister of Regency England.