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A Pathway into the Psalter: The Psalms - Their History, Teachings and Use (Binnie)

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This book is divided into three sections.

The first deals with the historical development of the book, from the time of Moses (Psalm 90) down to the post-exilic period.

The second section deals with the teachings, or as we would more likely say today the theology, of the Psalms. This includes very helpful treatments of the various ways in which the Messiah is set forth in the Psalms, as well as personal and social religion in the Psalms. In addition, Binnie treats the issue of the imprecatory Psalms in a useful manner.

The final section traces the history of the use of the Psalms in both the Jewish and the Christian church.

Table of Contents:

Book I: History and Poetical Structure of the Psalms

I. Introduction

II. David the Psalmist of Israel

II. David’s Psalms

IV. David’s Ordinances for the Service of Song

V. Psalmody Under Solomon and the Later Kings

VI. The Psalmists of the Captivity and the Return

VII. The Psalter as a Whole, with Its Five Books

VIII. The Poetical Structure of the Psalms

Book II: The Theology of the Psalms

Christ in the Psalms

I. Predictions Respecting our Lord in the Psalms

II. A Classification of the Messianic Psalms

III. The Christology of the Psalms

Personal Religion in the Psalms

IV. God and the Soul

V. The Progress of Religion in the Soul

VI. The Doctrine of the Future Life

VII. The Imprecations

Social Religion in the Psalms

VIII. The Church, or Israel of God

IX. The Future Glories of the Church

X. The Family and the Commonwealth

Holy Scripture in the Psalms

XI. The Law of the Lord

Book III: Notices Regarding the Use of the Psalms in the Church

I. The Use of the Psalms Under the Old Testament

II. The Use of the Psalms in the Christian Church

III. Testimonies to the Estimation in which the Psalms Have Been Held 


"A highly valuable work. It is not an exposition, but can readily be used as such, for it possesses a good index to the passages treated. Dr. Binnie reviews with great skill and intense devotion the various sacred poems contained in the Book of Psalms, and gives the general run and character of each one. His work is unlike any other, and supplies a great desideratum." - C.H. Spurgeon, from 'Commenting & Commentaries'

"On every page the book bears the marks of much thought, of extensive reading, and of accurate scholarship. The style is easy, quiet, and graceful, yet forcible enough when there is occasion. The three chapters on the Messianic Psalms would alone have formed a valuable contribution to theological literature." - Aberdeen Free Press