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Your Family, God's Way: Developing and Sustaining Relationships in the Home (Mack)

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In this book Wayne Mack offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two critical areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Alerting us to the pitfalls of faulty communication, such as "undertalk," "overtalk," poor listening, and forms of falsehood, Mack examines why families fight and explains the key to turning family discord into harmony.

Table of Contents:

Part One: The Groundwork for God-Honoring Family Relationships

1. First Things First – The Maximum Husband and Father

2. Something’s Happened to Sally – The Fulfilled and Fulfilling Wife and Mother

3. How to Grow Olive Plants – Insights into Parent-Child Relations

Part Two: Developing God-Honoring Family Relationships

4. I Heard What You Didn’t Say

5. How to Hear What’s Not Being Said

6. Small Talk: The Silent Menace

7. Enough Is Enough and Too Much Is Too Much

8. Circuit Jammers to Family Communication

9. To Tell the Truth

10. Now You’re Really Talking

11. Getting Your Ears On

Part Three: Sustaining God-Honoring Family Relationships

12. Why Families Fight

13. The Peace Officer Every Family Needs

14. Turning Family Discord into Concord


Wayne A. Mack has lived in Pretoria, South Africa for nine months out of the year to teach biblical counseling to pastors and aspiring pastors in the region. Wayne is an elder of Grace Fellowship and is on the board of Tsholofelo orphanage. While in the USA, Mack teaches at the Expositor's Seminary as well as The Master's College and the Bible Church of Little Rock Ministry Training School. Mack has authored more than 20 books. He and his wife, Carol, have 4 adult children, three daughters-in-law and 14 grandchildren.