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What is Man? - Basics of the Faith Series (Troxel)

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“Who am I?” All people, from all walks of life, ask this question as they think about their purpose on earth. Here Troxel extends the scope to all of mankind, and addresses the question of what is man.

In two main sections, he addresses the key questions of “What does it mean to be made in God’s image?” and “What does it mean for man to be fallen?” The question of who we are is crucial—because only when we understand this can we understand what Jesus came to do.

Basics of the Faith booklets introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework—otherwise they are suitable for all church situations.



A. Craig Troxel is Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia



"Theologically engaging and eminently readable-a rare combination. Anyone who wants to understand who they are in the presence of God should read this treatment with great interest. An excellent summary of the doctrine of man." - J. V. Fesko, Westminster Seminary California


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