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What is Hell? - Basics of the Faith Series (Morgan & Peterson)

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Would a loving God really send good people to hell? What does the Bible actually teach about hell? How should believing in hell affect us?

Here Morgan and Peterson set forth a clear biblical theology of hell. They address the major questions people have about this subject and apply what the Bible has to say about it to Christian living.

Basics of the Faith booklets introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework—otherwise they are suitable for all church situations.



Robert A. Peterson is professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.



"We are scared of the subject. Jesus wasn’t. He knew that nothing could be less gracious than hiding the reality of hell from those destined for its misery apart from his mercy. Trying to scare people into faith is vain, but denying them knowledge of the consequences of sin is unloving. Morgan and Peterson face the hard realities and avoid silly stereotypes by saying what the Bible says about hell with integrity, intelligence, and compassion." - Bryan Chapell, President Covenant Theological Seminary