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Wait Till You See the Butterfly and Other Short Stories for Boys and Girls (Tamminga)

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Little Becky does not believe her brother when he tells her that caterpillars turn into butterflies, until her mother confirms that it is true- and then she sees a butterfly start to break out of its cocoon…But what does all this have to do with Easter and the death and resurrection of Christ? In Doreen Tamminga’s engaging tale, the first of more than forty short stories for boys and girls in this book, the connection is made clear. ‘Sometimes we read to our children just for pleasure, and sometimes we do so to instruct them’, says Mrs. Tamminga. ‘These stories were written with the intent of pointing children to the Lord Jesus as the only Saviour from sin, and to encourage Christian living. I hope they will be a blessing to many young hearts.’

The stories in this book are arranged in three groups, for 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 year olds. A topical index shows where to find stories on particular themes.

Table of Contents:

 Youngest Readers (4–6)
1 Wait Till You See the Butterfly 1
2 The Thunderstorm 6
3 Muddy Tracks: Muddy Heart 10
4 Candy Cravings 16
5 Freedom for Boots 20
6 Lost and Found 24
7 Keepers of the Sheep 30
8 A Joyful Noise 34
9 Telling Tales 38
10 Painted Eggs 43
11 In My Heart 49
12 Prayer in the Palace 53
13 Curls and Splinters 56
  Intermediate Readers (7–9)  
14 The Fishing Show 63
15 The Best Day of All 68
16 Sandbox Temptations 73
17 A Broken Coffee Cup 79
18 Time’s a-Wasting 85
19 Runaway Horse: Runaway Tongue 88
20 Pulling Weeds 94
21 A True Friend 98
22 The Keystone 101
23 The Character of a King 107
24 The Good Shepherd 111
  Oldest Readers (10–12)  
25 No Room 115
26 The Last Marriage 122
27 Of Dogs and Newspapers 127
28 Follow the Star 135
29 One Snowy Night 139
30 A Tale of an Ungrateful Puppy 147
31 Summer Vacation 152
32 The Abandoned Bassoon 157
33 The Invitation 163
34 A Valuable Accident 168
35 Good Intentions 174
36 Rascal 178
37 A Visit to St Mary’s 189
38 Crazy about Computers 201
39 Rollerblades and Mission Money 208
40 The Last Ride 213
41 Railroad to Freedom 220
42 A Second Chance 226
43 King of the Jungle: Prince of the Earth 233
44 The Substitute 238




With a keen grasp of the woes and wonders of childhood, Doreen Tamminga has been writing short stories and poems for over twenty years. Today, by God's grace, she focuses on writing that puts “hands and feet” on living to God’s glory. You can find her amid children and husband on the east coast of Canada or and