Stories of the Reformation in Germany and England + Child's Life of Luther - 2 Titles in 1 (Johns)

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2 Titles in One


Stories of the Reformation in Germany and England for Young People by Rev. B. G. Johns

The main idea of the books has been to give a fair picture of Martin Luther – his words and actions – and to shew, in a measure, how they gradually affected England, as well as what was the state of England when his voice began to be heard in Germany.


Table of Contents:

1. Luther’s Childhood – Gathers Sticks with his Mother in the Wood

2. Luther’s Singing through the Villages with his Companions – His Journey to Eisenach – Erfurt – Finding a Copy of the Holy Scripture

3. Christmas-Eve at Castle Gray

4. Luther recovers, and settles at Wittenberg – In 1510 sets out for Rome

5. Henry VIII King of England – Visits Castle Gray – Thomas Bilney the Martyr

6. The Bible printed in England – Cranmer Archbishop

7. Nicholas Ridley, the Parson of Herne

8. Martin Luther leaves his Prison; returns to Wittenberg – His marriage in 1524; Teaching his Children

9. Edwards VI King of England – The Good Cause prospers – Edward’s Death in 1553

10. Lady Jane Grey – Orders from the Council against Heretics – Queen Mary’s Death, 1558

11. Edward Burton of Longnor – Parson Rough of Islington – Gray’s Journey to Islington – Afterwards to Longnor – Death of Burton – Death of Queen Mary

12. Elizabeth, Queen of England – Joy throughout the Land


A Child’s Life of Luther

A biography originally published by the American Tract Society in 1868