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Waging War in an Age of Doubt: A Biblical, Theological, Historical, and Practical Approach to Spiritual Warfare for Today (Smart)

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The Christian life is a battle, but many believers today don’t realize their involvement in spiritual warfare.

Our secular society, characterized by doubt and spiritual skepticism, leaves many Christians embarrassed even to talk about demonic forces of opposition. In order to awaken Christians to the battle around them and prepare them for it, Robert Smart surveys the terrain, identifies the enemy, and conveys defensive and offensive maneuvers for combating Satan.

Just as military science combines knowledge of the humanities, natural sciences, applied sciences, and engineering, so this “military textbook” combines knowledge of the Bible, historical theology, contemporary culture, apologetics, practical theology, and biblical counseling. Here is a well-rounded overview of the unavoidable reality of spiritual warfare.

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Table of Contents: 
Introduction: The Call to Engage in Spiritual Warfare
1. God Is a Warrior: Biblical Foundations for Spiritual Warfare
2. Historical Theology on Spiritual Warfare
3. The Age of Doubt and the Conditions for Unbelief
4. Satan's Strategies When Christians Are Vulnerable
5. Waging War in God's Strength, Armor, and Weapons
6. Waging War on Identity
7. Curses and Power encounters
Conclusion: Saints Triumphant in the Gospel 



Robert Davis Smart is senior minister of Christ Church in Bloomington, Illinois. He teaches part-time at different seminaries, preaches at conferences, and stays active in world missions. He and his wife, Karen, enjoy their five children and numerous grandchildren.



“I rejoice to read sound words on spiritual warfare from a pastor immersed in the thoughts of the Puritans, hymns of the ages, and the heart of the Savior. Bob Smart's battle plan has nothing to do with spiritual sensationalism or demonic phantasms but wholly leans on the truth and authority of Scripture to identify the power of Christ in and for all who are united to Him by faith for His glory. Here is rich theology in pastoral wisdom for those who would feast on the beauty and power of God’s Word to remove fear and stand strong for Christ's cause.” Bryan Chapell, pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Peoria, Illinois

“This book is a balanced presentation of the conflict between light and darkness. Dr. Smart has written a book that is readily understandable, is grounded in the good news of Jesus’s ultimate victory, and is sympathetic with all of us who are living in a disenchanted age, whether we are aware of it or not. The author is a compassionate pastor who has found his hope in the presence of the triune God. I believe that Christian young people would greatly benefit  because they are fed a pack of cultural lies.”Willem A. VanGemeren, professor emeritus of Old Testament and Semitic languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School