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Triumph of the Lamb: A Commentary on Revelation (Johnson)

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The book of Revelation is an unveiling, a vivid disclosure of invisible realities. Yet its bizarre imagery often leaves us puzzled.

Dennis E. Johnson deftly guides us through questions about how to interpret Revelation, what it meant to its original audience, and how it equips us today. He explains that Revelation fortifies the church against the Enemy's wiles by disclosing the profound paradoxes of Christ's victory and glory. The central themes of Revelation converge with Christ's triumph over the Enemy.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: A Strategy for Seeing
  2. Structure: Framing the Pieces of the Puzzle
  3. Vision: The Son of Man among His Churches (1:7-20)
  4. Letters: The Son of Man Speaks to His Churches (2:1-3:22)
  5. Scroll Opened: The Lamb Is Worthy (4:1-5:14)
  6. Seals: Instruments, Rationale, and Climax of Judgment (6:1-8:5)
  7. Trumpets: Current and Coming Woes (8:1-9:21; 11:15-19)
  8. Scroll Delivered: The Prophet Eats, Measures, and Testifies (10:1-11:14)
  9. Cosmic Conflict 1: The Mother, the Dragon, and the Beasts (12:1-13:18)
  10. Harvest: Celebration (14:1-15:8)
  11. Bowls: The Last Woes (16:1-21)
  12. Harlot: Babylon’s Luxury, Violence, and Destruction (17:1-19:10)
  13. Cosmic Conflict 2: The Thousand Years and the Last Battle (19:11-20:15)
  14. Bride: New Jerusalem, Wife of the Lamb (21:1-22:21)
  15. Conclusion: What Should This Book Do to Us?

Appendix A: A Concise Overview of the Book of Revelation

Appendix B: Schools of Interpretation   


"Sophisticated but readable, methodically astute but eminently practical. This patient and sane book is an excellent guide for readers who find Revelation attractive but frightening, and for teachers who wish to share its treasures with their people." — Dan Doriani

"The strength of this work is the way it takes some of the best material on the interpretation of apocalyptic generally, and Revelation in particular, and presents it in a palatable, readable form. Johnson knows how to write, and his text is infused with a rare sanity—rare, that is, amongst those who write at a reasonably popular level on the book of Revelation." — D. A. Carson


Dennis E. Johnson (ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary California. He is also an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and a contributor to numerous books and theological journals.