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Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary (Hall, ed.)

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The essays in Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary illuminate Calvin’s times, thought and legacy, and provide a celebratory tribute to one of the most influential people in history. This book commemorates the quincentenary of Calvin’s birth (July 10, 1509), and attests to the remarkable fact that a French religious leader from a tiny village is still remembered half a millennium later.

Twenty-three leading Calvin scholars exhibit a firm understanding of Calvin’s era, theology, and the heritage he bequeathed the church. Their articles cover Calvin’s theology, soteriology, and ecclesiology, as well as his doctrines of assurance, worship, and Scripture. They examine Calvin as a Frenchman, lawyer, and liturgist. Other articles explore Calvin’s impact on the arts, Calvinism in Asia, and the influential women in Calvin’s life.


Table of Contents: 

Part One: Calvin’s Times 

1. Calvin’s Children – William A. McComish 

2. Calvin and Ecclesiastical Discipline – Robert M. Kingdon

3. Calvin the Lawyer – John Witte Jr.

4. Calvin the Frenchman – Henri A.G. Blocher

5. Calvin and Women: Between Irritation and Admiration – Isabelle Graessle 

6. Preaching as Worship in the Pulpit of John Calvin – Hughes Oliphant Old 

7. Calvin the Liturgist – Terry L. Johnson 

8. Calvin’s New Testament Commentaries and His Work as an Exegete – George W. Knight III 

9. Calvin and Luther: Comrades in Christ – James Edward McGoldrick 

Part Two: Calvin’s Topics 

10. The Catholicity of Calvin’s Theology – Douglas F. Kelly   

11. John Calvin on Sacred and Secular History – Richard Burnett 

12. Calvin’s Principle of Worship – R. Scott Clark 

13. Calvin’s Doctrine of Assurance Revisited – Anthony N.S. Lane 

14. Calvin’s Principles of Governance: Homology in Church and State – David W. Hall 

15. Prayer in Calvin’s Soteriology – Jae Sung Kim

16. John Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture – A.T.B. McGowan 

17. Calvin’s Eucharistic Ecclesiology – Michael Horton 

Part Three: Calvin Today and Tomorrow 

18. Calvin Bibliography – Richard C. Gamble 

19. Consistently Contested: Calvin among Nineteenth-Century Reformed Protestants in the United States – Darryl G. Hart 

20. Calvin’s Impact on the Arts – William Edgar

21. Calvinism in Asia – Jae Sung Kim 

22. Union with Christ in Calvin’s Theology: Grounds for a Divinization Theory? – Bruce L. McCormack 

23. See You in Heaven: Calvin’s View of Life, Death, and Eternal Life – Herman J. Selderhuis 



David W. Hall was senior pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia, from 2003 to 2008. He founded the Kuyper Institute and the Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 1994.



"Calvin’s impact on the Reformation is indisputable. Many see his imprimatur on Western Civilization to this day. These sermons by Reformed preachers manifest his abiding influence on Biblical preaching as well. Read, study and meditate on these Calvinistic sermons in Preaching Like Calvin: Sermons from the 500th Anniversary Celebration, and grow in your love for our Sovereign God who gave us His eternal Word and godly leaders like Calvin who taught us to see God’s saving grace in Christ throughout the whole of the Scriptures." -Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary