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EBOOK Theodorus Frelinghuysen's Evangelism: Catalyst to the First Great Awakening - EBOOK

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This book presents a thorough investigation of the evangelistic contributions of Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen (1692–1747/8)within the context of the First Great Awakening. In it, Scott Maze identifies the theological foundations of Frelinghuysen’s ministry, surveys his key evangelistic endeavors, and evaluates the effects these things had on the Great Awakening.

This book sheds light on a lesser known figure of the Great Awakening, reveals the influence of the Dutch Further Reformation (Nadere Reformatie) in colonial North America, and provides significant insights in terms of ministry contextualization for the contemporary student of evangelism.


Table of Contents:

1. A Brief Biography

2. Theological Bases

3. Evangelistic Contributions

4. Catalyst to the First Great Awakening




Scott Maze is pastor of First Baptist Church of Van Buren, Arkansas.



“Scott Maze’s fine study of Theodorus Frelinghuysen makes a signal contribution to our understanding of the Great Awakening in colonial American life. Rather than categorizing the New Jersey pastor evangelist as a ‘forerunner,’ Maze joins other scholars who describe an extended period of spiritual renewal in the colonies from the 1720s through the 1760s. Most significantly, Maze demonstrates the trans-Atlantic nature of the new evangelicalism by analyzing Frelinghuysen’s adaptation of the experiential soteriology of the Dutch Further Reformation (Nadere Reformatie) to the American context. This book will be of great interest to scholars as well as to pastors.” — Charles Hambrick-Stowe, senior minister of the First Congregational Church, Ridgefield, CT

 “Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen owes Scott Maze a favor. Through a delightful combination of careful historical research and deep pastoral concern, Maze lays out for us Frelinghuysen’s important contribution to the First Great Awakening. Here we see a prophet of a palpable evangelism whose pungent preaching hit the target for a hard-hearted and rugged people of New Jersey’s 18th-century frontier. Thanks to Maze’s work, we’ll all learn something about the past, and we’ll also be challenged to a greater evangelistic zeal in the present.” — Stephen J. Nichols, research professor of Christianity and culture at Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School