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EBOOK Ten Modern Evangelism Myths: A Biblical Corrective (Denton) - EBOOK

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Could it be that mistaken beliefs about evangelism lead to a decrease in getting it done? Ten Modern Evangelism Myths recounts the most popular misconceptions about evangelism followed by an easy-to-read response. Every Christian who wants to share their faith will find encouragement here to be bolder and more direct in their approach—while still showing love to those in their predicament of unbelief. You’ll be more effective because you will be clearer about Christianity and more clearly yourself when talking about it. Finally, here is relief from the confusion generated by gimmicks-based and “me-centered” approaches to evangelism.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword - Rob Ventura

Myth 1: Theology Doesn’t Matter When Evangelizing

Myth 2: The Gospel Isn’t Enough When Evangelizing

Myth 3: Evangelism Is Unsuccessful If No One Is Converted

Myth 4: The Lost Should Never Be Offended by Our Evangelism

Myth 5: There’s Only One Right Way to Evangelize

Myth 6: Evangelism and Apologetics Are Different

Myth 7: Reformed Christians Don’t Evangelize

Myth 8: Hell Should Be Left Out of Evangelism

Myth 9: Only Church Leaders and Professionals Should Evangelize

Myth 10: The Church Is Unimportant for Evangelism



Ryan Denton lives in El Paso, Texas, and was a pastor on the Navajo reservation before 2016, when he founded Christ in the Wild Ministries. Christ in the Wild partners with churches using a method not based on eloquence or words or on human wisdom but on preaching Christ crucified and risen, who should be responded to in repentance and faith—the Christ who provided a substitutionary atonement to save mankind from the wrath to come. This means excluding culturally relevant or seeker-friendly strategies and instead majoring on intercessory prayer and the Bible.



“Ryan Denton has identified numerous evangelism ‘myths’ that are hindering the church’s witness in today’s world. I have been challenged and encouraged by reading this helpful treatment of these common myths. You will be too.” - Timothy K. Beougher, associate dean, Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry; Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In Ten Modern Evangelism Myths, Ryan Denton boldly addresses topics often avoided in books on Christian evangelism. Biblically deferential and doctrinally attentive, the crucible of the regular public proclamation of the gospel has refined Ryan’s resolve. I strongly recommend an attentive reading of this work.” - Thomas P. Johnston, professor of evangelism, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and president, Southern Baptist Professors of Evangelism Fellowship

“What a contribution for the evangelical church! Ryan Denton has undoubtedly selected the ten most relevant myths on evangelism throughout the Protestant world and dealt with each one in a convincing and winsome way. It is to the point. It is theological. It is confessional. It is historically grounded. It is captivating!” - Elias Medeiros, professor of missions, emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Ryan Denton’s book, Ten Modern Evangelism Myths, shatters all pragmatic and unbiblical approaches to evangelism. Denton specifically addresses the popular and traditional myths embraced and practiced by far too many evangelists and Christians. I highly recommend this book. It should be a required read for all those who seriously desire to ‘do the work of an evangelist’ according to the biblical model, for the glory of God—which should be all of us.” - Edward Dalcour, faculty of theology, North-West University and president, Department of Christian Defense