The Works of John Robinson, Volume 2

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The republication of John Robinson’s Works is both timely and significant. It is timely, because the year 2009 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival in Leyden where their Pastor, John Robinson, would have his most influential impact upon them as a church. It is also significant because John Robinson is the indisputable link between the doctrine of Calvin and the birth of the United States with the Republican form of self-government.


Table of Contents:

1. Mr. Bernard’s Counsels of Peace Debated

Sect. I. Containing First Set of Counsels

a.      In Upholding the Manifest Good in the Church of England
b.     On Bearing with Light Faults
c.      On Amending Evils Peaceably
d.     On Distinguishing between Persons and Systems
e.      On Obeying Authority, when not positively Sinful

Sect II. Containing Second Set of Counsels

a.      On Neglecting Divine Injunctions
b.     On Preferring Ancient Opinions to Modern Conjectures
c.      On Distinguishing between Things that differ
d.     On Present Certain Good, as Preferable to Uncertain Future Advantage
e.      On Reproving Self before Others
f.       On Being Charitable in Judgment
g.      On Cherishing Scruples of Conscience

Sect III. On Scruples of Conscience

a.      Suggestions respecting their Object
b.     Rules for Settling Scruples of Conscience
c.      Queries on some Points affecting Conscience

2. Mr. Bernard’s Dissuasions Against Separation Considered

Sect 1 – The Novelty of the System

Sect 2 – The Resemblance between its Advocates and Ancient Schismatics

Sect 3 – Manner of Defending the System

Sect 4 – Unsanctioned by Reformed Churches

Sect 5 – Condemned by the greatest Divines

Sect 6 – Divine Displeasure against its Advocates

Sect 7 – Want of Success

3. Mr. Bernard’s Reasons Against Separation Discussed

Sect 1 – Because Separatists Disclaim all Fellowship with other Communions

Sect 2 – Because of the Alleged Evils of the System

Sect 3 – Because they will not hear their Preachers in the Church

Sect 4 – Because they wrest the Scriptures

Sect 5 – Because they persist in Schism

Sect 6 – Because they rail at the Conformists

Sect 7 – Because of the Matter of the Separation or the Schism

Errors Alleged to be Held by Separatists Considered, and Confuted at Large

4. The Ministers’ Positions Examined




John Robinson (1576–1625) was the pastor of the "Pilgrim Fathers" before they left on the Mayflower for the Americas. He became one of the early leaders of the English Separatists , or Brownists , and is regarded as one of the founders of the Congregational Church.