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The Work of the Holy Spirit: An Experimental and Practical View (Winslow)

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From the author’s Preface: ‘To the subject discussed in the following pages, the author earnestly bespeaks the prayerful consideration of the Christian reader. It cannot occupy a position too prominent in our Christianity, nor can it be a theme presented too frequently for our contemplation. All that we spiritually know of ourselves, all that we know of God, and of Jesus, and his Word, we owe to the teaching of the Holy Spirit; and all the real light, sanctification, strength and comfort we are made to possess on our way to glory, we must ascribe to Him. To be richly anointed with the Spirit is to be led into all truth; and to be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with love to God and man.’

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Godhead and Personality of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Spirit a Quickener
  3. The Indwelling of the Spirit
  4. The Sanctification of the Spirit
  5. The Sealing of the Spirit
  6. The Witness of the Spirit
  7. The Spirit the Author of Prayer
  8. The Spirit a Comforter  



Octavius Winslow (1808–1878) was born in London, England, and raised in New York. He was ordained as a pastor in 1833 and held pastorates in New York, Leamington Spa, Bath, and Brighton. A prolific author, his devotional writings exhibit his Reformed, experiential convictions and distinctive, warm, ardent style.



‘This book is well worth reading, … the merits of the study are that it is biblical–usually there are plenty of references to support an assertion, and the book proceeds by exegesis of verses and passages; it is practical, the aim being so to expound the doctrine as to promote the experience; it is well set out with headings and sub-headings, so that the substance is not lost in vagueness, and the reader is not lost in complexity…’ — J.A. MOTYER

‘A thorough and moving work on the place of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer…’ — THE AUSTRALIAN CHURCH RECORD