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The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel: Faith and Love in the Writings of William Perkins - Profiles in Reformed Spirituality (Ballitch & Yuille, eds.)

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“The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel” familiarizes readers with one of England’s most influential theologians, William Perkins. In the opening biographical sketch, Andrew S. Ballitch and J. Stephen Yuille give an overview of Pekins’s life, theology, and piety. Then, in thirty-two excerpts, readers learn about the relationship between faith and love from Perkins himself as he explains the foundational “grounds of doctrine to be believed” and “grounds of doctrine to be practiced.” Rather than treating theology as a subject for mere academic debate, Perkins calls for true Christian devotion that moves beyond intellectual assent to heartfelt dedication to Christ.

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The Piety of William Perkins (1558–1602)

Faith: Grounds of Doctrine to Be Believed

1. The Certainty of Scripture

2. The Sufficiency of Scripture

3. God’s Holiness

4. God’s Excellency

5. God Triune

6. God’s Sovereignty

7. God’s Mercy

8. The Supremacy of Christ

9. The Creation of Man

10. The Fall of Man

11. Law and Gospel

12. The Incarnation

13. Christ the Mediator

14. Faith

15. Justification

16. Regeneration

17. Christian Liberty

18. The Power of the Keys

19. The Church

20. The Resurrection

21. The Judgment

Love: Grounds of Doctrine to Be Practiced

22. Repentance

23. Self-Denial

24. Choosing God

25. Fleeing Idolatry

26. Worshiping God

27. Sanctifying God

28. Loving Our Neighbor

29. Honoring Our Parents

30. Cultivating Virtue

31. Pursuing Our Calling

32. Holding Faith

Series Description

Profiles in Reformed Spirituality is a series of books designed to introduce the spirituality and piety of the Reformed tradition by presenting descriptions of the lives of particular Christians with selected passages from their works. This combination of biographical sketch and collected portions from primary sources gives a taste of the treated person’s contribution to our spiritual heritage and some direction as to how the reader can find further edification through works of those people treated in this series. Profiles in Reformed Spirituality promises to provide a valuable primer to our rich Reformed heritage.


“In The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel, Andrew Ballitch and Stephen Yuille have given us a splendid combination of a mini biography of the great William Perkins followed by a series of expertly selected passages from his pen which instruct and delight as well as help us to appreciate and love the message he preached. Here is a little book to be read slowly, enjoyed frequently, and treasured permanently.” - Sinclair B. Ferguson, teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and chancellor's professor of Systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary

“This book is an excellent introduction to the theology and piety of this very important Puritan who influenced generations of believers in England, New England, and beyond. William Perkin’s writings were not only relevant for past generations but they continue to be for the twenty-first-century church.” - Barry Howson, academic dean of the seminary, Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario

About the Editors

Andrew S. Ballitch is associate pastor of preaching and ministries at Westwood Alliance Church in Mansfield, Ohio, and the author of The Gloss and the Text: William Perkins on Interpreting Scripture with Scripture.

J. Stephen Yuille is the vice president of academics at Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario. He also serves as associate professor of biblical spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.