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The Westminster Confession: A Commentary (Hodge)

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‘Sound theology, clear thinking and helpful exposItion, with a fresh and direct style.’ — IRISH EVANGELICAL

In this commentary A.A. Hodge, son and successor of Charles Hodge at Princeton Theological Seminary, analyses the chapters and sections of the Confession, gives proofs and illustrations of its teaching, and helps the learner and teacher by adding a series of questions to each chapter. The result is a fine handbook of Christian doctrine explaining all the leading doctrines of Scripture in simple language.

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Pastor, preacher, missionary, theologian, educator, and churchman, Archibald Alexander Hodge (1823 – 1886) was the first-born son of Charles and Sarah Hodge. He served several years as a Presbyterian missionary to India. He received a call, in 1864, to serve as Professor of Systematic Theology at Western Theological Seminary in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. In 1878 he returned to Princeton Theological Seminary as Professor of Didactic and Exegetical Theology. His outlook predates modern evangelicalism’s interest in the integration of faith with learning and the development of a Christian worldview which seeks to integrate all aspects of the created order under Christ’s lordship.