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The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Guide HC (Ward)

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“While older commentaries on the Confession are standard, there is a freshness about Rowland Ward's Study Guide that appeals immediately. Its information is up-to-date, and takes account of modern formulation of biblical doctrines. It is also designed as a study guide, which makes it suitable for group use as well as for individuals. Anyone looking for a good introduction and reliable guide to the Confession should get this book.” - Dr. Allan M. Harman, Research Professor of Old Testament, Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne, Australia

“There are several very useful study guides to the Westminster Confession of Faith currently available, but Rowland Ward’s volume stands apart. Dr Ward combines an acute theological mind and a warm pastoral heart, both of which contribute to this updated version of his widely used study of the Confession. The Westminster Divines, with their deep biblical knowledge and reverent submission to the Scriptures, produced one of the greatest summaries of doctrine in the history of the Christian Church. Most readers, however, need help to mine these riches, and that is where this study guide comes into its own. Dr Ward has a thorough grasp of the debates in the Assembly which lie behind the text of the Confession and makes good use of this knowledge to expound each chapter of the Confession. He knows too that these truths are to be lived out and so doctrine is applied with wisdom and grace. All in all, this is an excellent resource both for personal study and also for the instruction of those who want to understand and be transformed by the Word of God.” - Dr. David McKay, Professor of Systematic Theology, Ethics and Apologetics at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast, and minister of Shaftesbury Square Reformed Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

Rowland S. Ward was born and raised in Melbourne. He holds the BA and Hons BTh degrees from the University of South Africa, and the Diploma of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh (which he attended 1972-75). In 1994 he was awarded the degree ThD from the Australian College of Theology, Sydney for his dissertation on “Divisions and Unions in Australian Presbyterianism 1823-1901 with Special Reference to the Church’s Attitude to its Creed”.