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The Way to True Peace and Rest (Bruce)

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Six Sermons on Hezekiah's Sickness: Isaiah 38:1-22

It was said of Robert Bruce that ‘no man in his time spake with such evidence and power of the Spirit’. One is certainly left with that impression after reading The Way to True Peace and Rest, his six sermons on Isaiah 38, a chapter that records the illness that afflicted King Hezekiah of Judah and his reaction to it. Although various sicknesses are common to all humanity, yet people react in very different ways when such trials are visited upon them.

With a wonderful blend of faithful exposition, keen insight, and practical application, Bruce urges his hearers to ‘take heed to the various aspects of this account, that we may learn how to conduct ourselves in the event of our suffering some serious disease; thus, learning from King Hezekiah’s behaviour, we may come to obtain the same comfort he experienced.’

Translated and edited by David C. Searle.

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Table of Contents:

Sermon 1: Isaiah 38:1-3

Sermon 2: Isaiah 38:4-6 

Sermon 3: Isaiah 38:7-11

Sermon 4: Isaiah 38:12-14

Sermon 5: Isaiah 38:15-16

Sermon 6: Isaiah 38:16-22

Appendix 1: On Conscience

The Preparation for the Lord’s Supper

Appendix 2: Additional Sermon

An Exhortation to the Presbyteries of Lothian by Master Robert Bruce, Minister of Christ’s Evangel, at Edinburgh, 16th September, 1589