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The Two Fears: Tremble Before God Alone (Poblete)

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Cruciform Press
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Most Christians will agree that we ought to love our God. But what about fearing God? The Bible says that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10), yet a broad survey of modern evangelicalism reveals that the fear of God is hardly regarded as such anymore. Many Christians seem to wrongly assume that the gospel of grace trumps the fear of the Lord. However, it is only the God of the gospel that is truly worthy of our reverential fear. The purpose of this book is to equip Christians with a healthy view of fearing God and to illustrate how it reconciles with the gospel of God’s grace to sinners.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Nature of Fear
  2. A God Who Is Not Like Us
  3. Fearsome Justice
  4. Holy Fear and the Cross
  5. Holy Fear and Its Benefits
  6. Unholy Fear and Its Causes
  7. The Snare of Fearing Man
  8. The God Who Calms the Storms
  9. The God-Fearing Church



Chris Poblete serves Jesus at Reverence Bible Church in Mission Viejo, California, where he directs the Prayer Ministry and co-leads the Young Adult Ministry. He also serves as Executive Director at The Gospel for OC and as a writer and editor for the Blue Letter Bible website.



“I don’t know about you, but most of the things I grapple with in ministry, and in my own life, are summed up in two issues. We are too scared. And we aren’t scared enough. This book by Chris Poblete points the way to crucify our fear of man and to rightly order our fear of God. Reading this book will prompt you to seek in your own life the biblical tension between ‘fear not’ and ‘fear God.'” - Russell D. Moore, Dean, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In this practical and very readable book, Chris Poblete describes a side of our culture—the absence of fear. ‘Where have the God-fearers gone?’ he asks. He shows how both the absence of true fear and the presence of ‘unholy [false] fear’ stem from an absence of a knowledge of the awesome God of the Bible, and that, in meeting him, we discover the real dimensions of creational existence and the wonderful benefits of living in fear and deep respect before Him, freed from the ‘[false] fear of men.’” - Peter Jones, PhD, Executive Director, TruthXchange; Scholar-in-Residence and Adjunct Professor, Westminster Seminary in California