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The Return of Prayers (Goodwin) (Corner Pillar Press)

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Corner Pillar Press

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To be the chief instruments of our own greatest happiness—through prayer—is a privilege of which there could not be a more transcendent royalty. When the greatest love which we can possibly bear has opened its mouth wide and stretched our desires in prayer to the utmost compass, then God’s infinite vast love will not only fill them, but do for us above all that we are able to ask, yea, to think; exceeding abundantly above all; as far above as his thoughts are above our thoughts, which is far more than the heavens are higher than the earth. All which, if well considered, would provoke us to gather all the precious stock of our time, thoughts, and intentions (which we cast away on trifles) and lay out the choicest portion of them in this thriving trade of intercourse with God through prayer; the returns (or answers) of prayer being better than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold. It is the praying Christian alone that employs the riches of the promises which we usually let lie by, like dead stock, unimproved. While he, like a wise and diligent merchant, looks abroad upon all the affairs of Jesus Christ that are afloat here in this world and ventures in them all. He is watchful to spy out all advantages and involves himself with a holy intermeddling in everything that glorifies God, does good to the church, and comforts his own soul. How infinitely rich must that man be that puts God’s riches out to use with the increase of ten talents for one, yea, a hundred-fold, through prayer!