The Power To Save: A History of the Gospel in China (Davey)

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"This should be prescribed reading for Christians in the Western world..." - From the foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

The gospel went to China and took root there because of the profound love and dedication of many Christians from all parts of the world.  Their fundamental motivation was the power of the love of Christ that constrained them.  Their goal was not political but spiritual - the salvation of souls and the planting of an indigenous, self-supporting church able to propagate itself by the power of the biblical gospel.  That this has been achieved against all the powers of hell and in spite of much human weakness should be a matter of real encouragement to believers the world over.  It ought also to be a matter of great praise and thankfulness to God for his mercy and grace towards the Chinese people.  Here is a vivid record of the way in which, from the day of Robert Morrison's arrival in Macao in September 1807 untill lpresent time, God has done great and mighty works throughout the vast landmass of China.  Christ has build his church in a way that defies merely human expectation.

The Power to Save combine's a bird's eye view of these wonderful works of God with thumbnail sketches of many of the individuals who - with countless unnamed others - have been instumental of heaven.  This book is far more than a spiritual 'pick-me-up'.  It is a sobering historical narrative and a thrilling story of men and woman 'of whom this world was not worthy,' but it also carries a radical challenge to the part of the body of Christ to which most readers of its pages belong. 



"Bob Davey is to be deeply thanked for this succinct, deeply helpful overview of the progress of Christianity in China." - Dr Michael A. G. Haykin - Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality

"In The Power to Save, Bob Davey traces the unconquerable power of the gospel through the years in China. This thrilling account encourages us to pray again for such mighty acts of God even here in the West." - Faith Cook - writer and daughter of OMF missionaries to China

"It will inform and encourage believers..." - Joel R. Beeke - President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary