The Ministry of the Word & Hints and Helps In Pastoral Theology

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Table of Contents:

The Ministry of the Word

1. The Nature and Design of the Christian Ministry

2. The Preparation of the Preacher

3. The Preparation of the Preacher

4. The Theme and Range of the Pulpit

5. The Qualities of Effective Preaching – In the Sermon

6. The Qualities of Effective Preaching – In the Sermon

7. Expository Preaching

8. On the Use of Illustrations in Preaching

9. The Conduct of Public Worship – Reading of the Scripture

10. The Conduct of Public Worship – Praise and Prayer

11. The Pastorate and Pastoral Visitation

12. The Relation of the Pulpit to Present Questions

Hints and Helps in Pastoral Theology

1. Sources of Information in Pastoral Theology

2. The Importance of the Ministry

3. A Call to the Ministry

4. The Character of a True Minister

5. Benefits of Genuine Piety

6. Other Good Fruits of Piety

7. Ministerial Education

8. A Minister’s Studies

9. The Right Temper for a Theologian

10. A Minister’s Difficulties

11. Various Suggestions

12. Public Worship – Reading, Singing, Praying

13. Public Worship – Who Shall Attend?

14 The Matter of Preaching

15. The Manner of Preaching

16. Manner of Preaching – Continued

17. Earnest Preaching

18. Popular Preaching

19. Mooted Points About Preaching

20. The Use of Proverbs

21. Religious Excitements

22. Means of Promoting Revivals

23. Pastoral Visiting

24. Visiting the Sick

25. Care of the Poor

26. Sabbath-Schools

27. Doing Good with the Pen

28. Should I Becomes a foreign Missionary?

29. The Duty of Americans

30. The Relations of America o Other Lands

31. The Sure Success of Evangelization

32. Sayings for Ministers



William Swan Plumer (1802-80) was a minister, author, and theological professor. Plumer was a prolific author and active churchman. His published works include commentaries, biblical studies, articles, essays, sermons, and a volume on pastoral theology. His writings, while profoundly theological in nature, are very practical in focus. His books represent a high point in the theological-devotional literature produced of nineteenth century American Presbyterianism.