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The Lord of Glory: A Classic Defense of the Deity of Jesus Christ (Warfield)

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Designations of our Lord: Introductory
  2. The Designations of our Lord in Mark
  3. Mark's Conception of our Lord
  4. The Designations of our Lord in Matthew
  5. Mathew's Conception of our Lord
  6. The Designations of our Lord in Luke and Their Implications
  7. The Jesus of the Synoptists
  8. The Jesus of the Synoptists the Primitive Jesus
  9. The Designations of our Lord in John and Their Significance
  10. The Designations of our Lord in Acts and Their Significance
  11. The Corroboration of the Epistles of Paul
  12. The Witness of the Catholic Epistles
  13. The Witness of the Epistle to the Hebrews
  14. The Witness of the Apocalypse
  15. The Issue of the Investigation


"B.B. Warfield's 'The Lord of Glory' is one of the most compelling presentations of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ I have ever encountered. Warfield had a special gift of explaining issues related to the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, and 'The Lord of Glory' is simply one of his best works. I cannot recommend this work more highly, especially when it addresses those evidences of the deity of Christ that are not as often addressed, those places where the words of Scripture used of Christ simply could not be used with propriety of any creature, no matter how exalted. Every believer should read and absorb this work!" -- James White

"Warfield was above all else, a Christologian, and of all his many, many titles in which he treats the Person of Christ, 'The Lord of Glory' is his most thorough and best. As the subtitle suggests, Warfield surveys the entire NT, scouring its pages for evidence of the deity of Christ in the thinking of the primitive church. It is the only work like it that I know of, and it is a most valuable work both for a study in Christology and for the formation of the Christological background to each of the books of the NT individually. Very highly recommended." -- Fred Zaspel

"Benjamin Warfield was a prince among theologians. His Christ-centered, Christ-glorifying work on the Person of Christ is his most thorough and best. Here you will find meat for the mind and food for the soul. No other book deals so extensively with Christology in the primitive church. Bravo, SGCB!" -- Randall J. Pederson.


Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1887–1921) was professor of didactic and polemic theology in the Theological Seminary of Princeton, New Jersey. He was a pastor, biblical scholar, and eminent theologian