The Justified Believer: A Discourse Upon Justification + The Justified Believer (Hart & Mackenzie)

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2 Volumes in 1


I. A Discourse Upon Justification

In the justification of a sinner in the sight of God I shall consider four things, principally:

1. The Matter of it.

2. The Manner of it.

3. The Time of it.

4. The Effect of it, with respect to the soul. 

5. In the last place the Use


II. A Justified Believer: His Security, Conflicts, and Triumph


Table of Contents: 

  1. Justification by Faith
  2. The Romish Doctrine of Justification
  3. Peace with God
  4. Filial Access to God
  5. The Believer in Sorrow
  6. Justification, the Security for Holy Living
  7. The Believer's Continuance in the Faith
  8. The Believer Reviewing His Faith and Faithfulness