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The Hand of God: The Comfort of Having a Sovereign God (Leahy)

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Every worthwhile book should have an aim and meet a need. The author’s aim in writing this, his last book, was to show the relevance of the Bible’s teaching on the sovereignty of God to the lives of all men and women everywhere. Not only does this great truth stretch and enlarge the human mind, it also brings much needed comfort to the ‘broken and contrite’ human heart.

This work is packed full of sane, pastoral wisdom and is the product of a passionately God-centred theology. Leahy demonstrates how the sovereignty of God is deeply relevant to every area of life. He makes penetrating application of biblical teaching to contemporary issues such as the environment and materialism. His main aim is to comfort and strengthen the people of God. Life in this fallen world can sometimes be very difficult and baffling. Leahy deals sensitively with the problem of suffering and evil, and assures us that God is in control of all events.  The Lord may use suffering to chasten and discipline us, but he always does so in love, for our eternal benefit.

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Table of Contents:

Frederick S Leahy, 1922-2007: A Brief Tribute

1. The Hand that Creates

2. The Hand that Governs

3. The Hand that Provides

4. The Hand that Redeems

5. The Hand that Keeps

6. The Hand that Guides

7. The Hand that Chastens

8. The Hand that Blesses

9. The Hand that Enables

10. The Hand that Judges

Appendix A: The Historicity of the Genesis Account

Appendix B: The Baneful Influence of Evolutionary Theory

Appendix C: ‘The Open View of God’



Born in Ireland, Frederick Leahy (1922-2006) prepared for the ministry at the Free Church College, Edinburgh, and Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids. He joined the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1953 and served three of its congregations until his retirement in 1988. In 1967 his gifts as a theological teacher were recognized by his denomination in his appointment to the chair of Systematic Theology, Apologetics and Christian Ethics in the Reformed Theological College, Belfast. He also served as Principal of the College from 1993 to 2002.



‘Church leaders are asking for writing that makes the great truths of Christianity accessible to contemporary man without triteness . . . You judge . . . whether Frederick S. Leahy has not succeeded quite brilliantly in this humble response, The Hand of God: The Comfort of Having a Sovereign God.‘ — GEOFF THOMAS

‘In this book readers will find robustly biblical teaching on God’s sovereignty in salvation and good, practical discussion of issues like guidance and Christian service. At a time when many Christians seem to shy away from all talk of hell, Leahy writes honestly and compassionately about the final judgement. The chapter, The Hand That Judges, is shot through with urgent, evangelistic appeal, making this book useful to unbelievers as well as Christians.’ — GUY DAVIES (Protestant Truth)