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The God Who Judges and Saves (Harmon)

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Even though Peter and Jude wrote their canonical letters almost 2,000 years ago, the church today still faces similar challenges as their original readers. What do these short, overlooked books have to teach Christians today about God, humanity, and God’s redemptive plan?

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, Matthew S. Harmon examines the unique themes of 2 Peter and Jude as well as their common ground, addressing topics such as false teaching, God’s authority, and the new heavens and the new earth. Analyzing the historical and biblical context of both books, Harmon helps readers understand how these key themes apply to them today—giving Christians comfort and motivation in the face of serious challenges and opposition to the gospel.


Matthew S. Harmon (PhD, Wheaton College) is professor of New Testament Studies at Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He was previously on staff with Cru for eight years and is the author of numerous books, including commentaries on Galatians, Philippians, 2 Peter, and Jude. He also cohosts the Various and Sundry podcast. Matthew and his wife, Kate, live in Warsaw, Indiana, and have two sons.


“The epistles of 2 Peter and Jude are unjustly and unwisely neglected. This book shines a floodlight on their richness and importance. It features clear organization, careful exegesis, interaction with scholarship, and theological focus. Harmon offers explanations that are often profound but not complicated or obscure. Whether in church or classroom, this book is an excellent summary of the harrowing yet hope-filled message of these short epistles written by firsthand observers of their main subject: Jesus.”
Robert W. Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Set in the broader theological context of Scripture, Matthew Harmon usefully summarizes the main theological contributions of these neglected letters. He outlines the considerable theological overlap in the books at the same time as he highlights the distinctive emphases of each letter.”
Douglas J. Moo, Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College

“Matthew Harmon has written a carefully organized biblical-theological exposition of 2 Peter and Jude from his conservative evangelical perspective.”
Peter Davids, Chaplain, Our Lady of Guadalupe Priory; author, A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude

“Matthew Harmon’s treatment of Jude and 2 Peter balances rich biblical-theological connections with pastoral wisdom and insight and helps readers understand how these two short letters at the end of the New Testament fit within the Bible’s great story of redemption. His work will help Christians reengage these important letters to the great benefit of the church!”
Darian Lockett, Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University