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The Faith-Shaped Life (Hamilton)

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The Christian life is a faith-shaped life. Faith is the instrument that unites us to Christ, but it is also the reality that shapes how we live in union with Christ. From beginning to end the Christian lives by faith.

The life of faith is not easy. The Christian is engaged in an unrelenting warfare with the world, the flesh and the devil. Every step forward will be contested. The one thing that will keep the believer on track and pressing on is moment by moment trust in God, in his word, in the goodness and perfection of his purposes, and in his exceedingly great and precious promises. ‘This is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith’ (1 John 5:4).

The chapters are intentionally brief and packed with biblical teaching to encourage and challenge both younger and older Christians; and above all to point us relentlessly to Jesus Christ ‘the founder and perfecter of our faith’.

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Table of Contents:

1 Getting Started 9
2 Faith: An Overused and Much Misunderstood Word 14
3 The Holy Trinity: Faith’s Constant Delight 16
4 The Catholicity of Faith 21
5 Specks and Logs: Faith and Judging Others 24
6 Faith and Christian Unity 27
7 Faith and Disappointment 31
8 The Anchor that Keeps Faith Steadfast 35
9 What Faith Looks Like 38
10 The Brotherliness of Faith 41
11 Faith and Joy 46
12 Faith in the Dark 49
13 Faith’s Great Delight 55
14 The Sweet Words that Nourish Faith 60
15 The Aroma of Faith 62
16 Faith’s Great Sorrow 65
17 The Humble Wisdom of Faith 70
18 Loving One Another: the Family Character of Faith 73
19 Where Faith Always Looks 76
20 Faith at Work 79
21 What Faith Sees 82
22 Faith’s Highest Privilege 85
23 Faith, the Protestant Watchword 88
24 Faith’s Present Experience 91
25 Faith’s Great Comfort 94
26 What Faith Aspires To 97
27 Faith’s Present Ache 100
28 The Tenderness of Faith 103
29 Faith’s Submissiveness 106
30 Dealing With Our Past: Trusting God 109
31 Faith in a Post-modern World 112
32 The Humbling Fact that Pervades the Life of Faith 115
33 Faith and Numbers 118
34 The Lips of the Faithful 121
35 Controversy and Faith 124
36 The Legacy that Faith Bequeaths 127
37 The Reminder that Faith Always Needs 131
38 Jesus Christ: Faith’s Obsession 134
39 Faith’s Supreme Interest 137
40 Faith’s Unsettling Obsessiveness 140
41 Faith’s Assurance: ‘Nothing So Ill but Christ Will Compensate’ 143
42 Thinking Faith: The Logic of Redemption 146
43 Faith’s Constant Companion 149



Ian Hamilton is the pastor of Cambridge Presbyterian Church, England. He is the author of Let's Study the Letters of John which is also published by the Trust.