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The Excellent Woman: As Described in the Book of Proverbs (Pratt)

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In the language of Dr. Sprague, "This is a work that will bear to be read more than once, and each successive reading wiil be likely to reveal some new gem of thought, which, in the general mass of excellence, had been overlooked before. It is a book suitable for the husband to present to his wife, the mother to her daughter, and the brother to his sister; and the more widely it is circulated, the better for the country and the world."


"It is not sufficient praise to say that we have been interested in the perusal of this book. It is just such a book as the times demand. It presents to the female mind incentives to live for something more noble than to flit like a butterfly in the sunshine of capricious admiration. 'The Excellent Woman, described in the Book of Proverbs,' is the text by which the writer enforces the truth that, true dignity and honor are alone attained by a thorough knowledge, and continued practice of the relative duties of life. We recommend it to the careful perusal of all our patrons.' - The Mothers' Journal

"An excellent book, elegantly printed, and embellished with some twenty-four beautiful engravings. We commend the work most cordially to mothers, sisters, and daughters." Philadelphia Christian Observer

"We have commended no book with more heartiness and good will, and shall be glad if our commendation places it in the families of our readers, as a book to be read." - Watchman and Reflector