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The Cross-Shaped Missionary (Thornwell)

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Log College Press

James Henley Thornwell (1812-1862) was a leading pastor and theologian of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (Old School). On May 18, 1956, at the First Presbyterian Church of New York City, he preached this sermon on John 10:17-18. After expounding the Father’s covenantal commandment to His Son and the Son’s willing sacrifice on the cross for the glory of the Father and the salvation of the elect, Thornwell applies the cross of Christ to the church’s missionary work. He eloquently shows how the sacrifice of Jesus is the type and model of missionary effort, making clear that “the spirit of missions is the spirit of the gospel.” A Foreword by Dr. Craig Sheppard introduces Thornwell to the reader.



"One of the Southern Presbyterian luminaries of the 19th century, James Henley Thornwell was a man who had a heart for God, the gospel, our Lord’s church, and missions. If you digest this monograph from his pen, originally entitled "The Sacrifice of Christ, the Type and Model of Missionary Effort," you will become even more solidly convinced of Dr. Thornwell’s Bible-convicted encouragement for missionary efforts. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is certainly as mandated and empowered today as it was in previous days. We, too, love missionary labor because of our love for God, the gospel, and our Lord's church." --James 'Bebo' Elkin, Executive Director of Consulting Services Foundation and Adjunct Professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theology Seminary

"No silly abstractions here about human psychology and gratitude grounded mostly upon modern obsessive self-possession! Instead, a flaming hypersonic missile screams out of the eternal inter-Trinitarian pactum salutis, bursting upon us now, demanding that we see and feel its force – that the life of Christ with His heavenly Father immutably at once requires and produces total devotion to Gospel service from saved sinners like us. Bravo, so may it be!" --Duncan Rankin, Pastor of Harvestwood Covenant Presbyterian Church in Floyd, Virginia, Professor of Systematic Theology at Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education (BRITE), and Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary

"Regrettably, the Collected Writings of James Henley Thornwell have been out of print for too long. That makes this little booklet so important. That and the topic. My favorite part of this magnificent piece is about Christ as our Priest offering perfect worship. We need that. Get this little booklet and be enriched." --C. N. Willborn, Senior Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Adjunct Professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary