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The Blessed and Boundless God (Swinnock) - Puritan Treasures for Today

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For who in the heaven can be compared unto the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord?— Psalm 89:6

From the psalmist’s assertion that no one in heaven or earth is like God, George Swinnock derives his principal doctrine—namely, God is incomparable. Throughout The Blessed and Boundless God, he proves his doctrine by demonstrating God’s incomparableness in His being, attributes, works, and words. Swinnock is a pastor-theologian who views theology as the means by which we grow in acquaintance with God and, consequently, in godliness. Therefore, he carefully applies his doctrine by demonstrating how God’s incomparableness informs, counsels, and comforts us. Read this book prayerfully, thoughtfully, and expectantly, keeping in mind Swinnock’s simple conviction that “when we take the incomparable God as our God, we are incomparably blessed.”

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Table of Contents:

Part 1—God’s Incomparable Being

1. The Excellence of God’s Being
2. Independent
3. Perfect
4. Universal
5. Unchangeable
6. Eternal
7. Simple
8. Infinite
9. Incomprehensible

Part 2—God’s Incomparable Attributes

10. The Perfections of God’s Nature
11. Holiness
12. Wisdom
13. Power
14. Justice
15. Knowledge
16. Faithfulness
17. Mercy
18. Patience
19. Boundless Attributes

Part 3—God’s Incomparable Works

20. The Greatness of God’s Works
21. Creation
22. Providence
23. Redemption
24. God Works Irresistibly
25. God Works Arbitrarily
26. God Works Effortlessly
27. God Works Independently

Part 4—God’s Incomparable Words

28. The Manner of God’s Words
29. The Matter of God’s Words
30. The Effect of God’s Words

Part 5—Application

31. The Malignity of Sin
32. The Madness of Sinners
33. The Misery of Sinners
34. The Folly of Pride
35. The Importance of Worship
36. The Wonder of Grace
37. Knowing God
38. Sanctifying Knowledge
39. Satisfying Knowledge
40. Saving Knowledge
41. The Means of Attaining Knowledge
42. The Motives for Attaining Knowledge
43. Praising God
44. The Motives for Praising God
45. Incomparably Blessed

Series Description  

Interest in the Puritans continues to grow, but many people find reading these giants of the faith a bit unnerving. The Puritan Treasures for Today Series seeks to overcome that barrier by presenting Puritan books that are convenient in size and unintimidating in length. Each book is carefully edited with modern readers in mind, smoothing out difficult language of a bygone era while retaining the meaning of the original authors. Books for the series are thoughtfully selected to provide some of the best counsel on important subjects that people continue to wrestle with today.


George Swinnock  (1627–1673) was an English Puritan known for his vivid illustrations of biblical truth. His complete works have been reprinted in five volumes by Banner of Truth Trust.


“This book, by Puritan George Swinnock, is precisely what is needed in order to introduce God's people to the blessed and boundless God. I cannot wait to share this work with my own flock.” — Mark Jones, minister of Faith Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, British Columbia, and coauthor of A Puritan Theology