The Authority of God: Four Discourses (D'Aubigne)

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D’Aubigne held that the fundamental principle of Romish error is to deny the supreme and ultimate authority of the Word of God.

“When there is a Romish aggression,” D’Aubigne said, “every one must recognize anew the authority of the Word of God; every one must receive it in his heart, and thereunto submit his life; every one must exert himself to spread it abroad, to explain and apply it, and to place the ignorant under its immediate influence.” In contrast, Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that tradition is the criteria in the interpretation of scripture.

In this book, D’Aubigne offers four discourses on the divine authority of Scripture:

1. The Testimony of God

2. The Testimony of Men

3. The Testimony of History

4. The Testimony of Theology.

These discourses are essentially the testimony rendered by a Christian to the Scriptures which he loves, in which he places a reverential confidence, and which he believes it his duty to obey.



J.H. Merle D'Aubigne (1794-1872) was a Swiss Protestant minister and historian of the Reformation.