That Hideous Strength: How the West was Lost: An Expanded Edition (Tinker)

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Evangelical Press

The first edition of this book, without footnotes and deliberately kept as short as possible, has been widely read and praised. This expanded edition is updated—two years have passed since the first edition—and has additional material and footnotes.



Melvin Tinker is Senior Minister of St John, Newland, Hull. Other books from EP include What Do You Expect? : Ecclesiastes for Today, Salt, Light and Cities on Hills, A Lost God in a Lost World, Mass Destruction and Touchy Topics. He is married to Heather and has three grown up sons and seven grandchildren.



"We live in interesting times, times of rapid change where all that is solid seems truly to be melting into air. And, rather than be appalled by this, many in the West greet it as something great and good, even as the magnificent end of history. Melvin Tinker disagrees, and is right to do so. In this brief but pungent critique of our current cultural pathologies, he exposes how stories—the wrong stories— have come to grip our imaginations, how cultural politics has redrawn the map of perceived reality, and how only the story of Jesus Christ and his church can truly satisfy humanity's deepest longings, intellectual and spiritual. - Carl R Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

"A very brave, fine book written with keen insight. It explains how an older worldview that once shaped the West and in which many Judeo-Christian ideas were embedded has been superseded by one in which those ideas have been uprooted. The brave new world which is dawning is one in which people liberate themselves, dominate the meaning of reality, and subject God—if he is still there—to their own ends. In this context, the church is in a decidedly countercultural position. It is here, though, that it really finds its voice. Here it is able to speak into our fragile and corrupting world and speak of the goodness, greatness and grace of God." - David F. Wells, Distinguished Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


"Here are very few books I buy multiple copies of—this is one of them. That Hideous Strength is an essential primer for any Christian in seeking to understand what is going on in society today. The first edition was outstanding but limited because of its size. This new expanded edition overcomes those limitations, without becoming unwieldy or too heavy. This book should be on every church bookstall, and every Christian’s bookshelf. And now I have to go and buy more of the revised edition!" - Fred G. Zaspel, Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, PA, Adjunct Professor of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says:


"Our culture has undergone a dramatic shift in recent generations, and Christians need to see it for what it is. If you suspect a sinister underlying agenda, Melvin Tinker agrees and wants to expose it for you. Informed, insightful, and yet easily accessible, this is an important and most helpful book that will sharpen your understanding of the world you live in. I hope it will receive wide attention!" - Melvin Tinker is Vicar of St John Newland, Hull, England, where he has served since 1994. He is the author of numerous books and articles.