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Satan Cast Out: A Study in Biblical Demonology (Leahy)

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Leahy presents a lucid, biblical account of Christian teaching on such issues as the existence of angels – good and evil; the present position and strategy of Satan; the witness of Old and New Testament to demonic activity; the demonic in church history; and the challenge of the demons to the church of Christ, especially on the mission field.

While taking our ‘adversary the devil’ seriously, Leahy constantly emphasizes the victory of Christ over him, and the fact that, in the words of John Calvin, ‘The whole of Satan’s kingdom is subject to the authority of Christ.’ 

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Table of Contents: 

  1. Angels: Good and Evil
  2. Satan’s Present Position
  3. The Strategy of the Enemy
  4. Our Adversary the Devil
  5. The Witness of the Old Testament to Demonic Activity
  6. The Witness of the New Testament to Demonic Possession
  7. Christ and the Demons
  8. Demonic Activity Since New Testament Times
  9. Demon-Possession and the Authority of Scripture
  10. Christianity and Occultism
  11. The Challenge of the Demons to the Church of Christ


A. The use of the word ‘Satan’ in Psalm 109 

B. Self-induced Symptoms of Demon-possession 


"A balanced, helpful and hopeful book." — The Witness

"Probably one of the best, most scriptural books written today on the subject of demonology." — Presbyterian Journal


Born in Ireland, Frederick Leahy (1922-2006) prepared for the ministry at the Free Church College, Edinburgh, and Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids. He joined the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1953 and served three of its congregations until his retirement in 1988. In 1967 his gifts as a theological teacher were recognized by his denomination in his appointment to the chair of Systematic Theology, Apologetics and Christian Ethics in the Reformed Theological College, Belfast. He also served as Principal of the College from 1993 to 2002.