Romans: The Gospel of God for Obedience to the Faith (Ivill) - EBOOK

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The New Testament book of Romans declares the gospel according to Paul, tracing the good news of what Jesus has done within the framework of salvation history—creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation.

In this twelve-lesson Bible study, Sarah Ivill provides students of Scripture with an in-depth look at this profound epistle that explains the gospel of God and encourages them to strive for obedience to the faith.


Each lesson includes the following features:

  • An introduction that provides a big picture of the lesson, showing how it applies to your head, heart, and hands.
  • A personal study section of questions that helps you dig deeply into God’s Word.
  • A section that puts it all together, which aims to answer any lingering questions you may have after your personal study.
  • A section of questions for helping students study the Word of God in community.


Useful for either individual or group studies, Romans includes suggestions for Bible study leaders, an overview of the history of redemption and revelation, and an overview of what it means to study Christ in all of Scripture.

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Introduction to Romans
Lesson 1: Paul’s Purpose, Prayers, and Proclamation (Romans 1:1–17)
Lesson 2: The Wrath of God (Romans 1:18–3:20)     
Lesson 3: The Righteousness and Reliability of God (Romans 3:21–4:25)
Lesson 4: The Assurance of God’s Peace, Love, and Grace (Romans 5:1–21)
Lesson 5: Set Free from Sin for Sanctification (Romans 6:1–23)        
Lesson 6: Serving in the Spirit and Striving against Sin (Romans 7:1–25)
Lesson 7: The Spirit of Life, Adoption, and Glory (Romans 8:1–39)
Lesson 8: God’s Election and Israel’s Rejection (Romans 9:1–10:21)
Lesson 9: The Remnant of Israel, Redemption of Gentiles, and Revelation of the Mystery (Romans 11:1–36)
Lesson 10: Walking as Living Sacrifices in Love, Lawful Obedience, and Light (Romans 12:1–13:14)
Lesson 11: Humility, Help, Harmony, and Hospitality (Romans 14:1–15:13)
Lesson 12: Ministry Plans, Partners, and Purpose (Romans 15:14–16:27)



Sarah Ivill(BA, University of Georgia; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) has been leading, teaching or writing women’s Bible studies since she was eighteen.  She has served at the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership, in Bible Study Fellowship, and as Director of Women’s Ministry in the local church, among other leadership positions.

Sarah continues writing and teaching Reformed Bible studies for women, and speaking at women's retreats and conferences.  A member of Christ Covenant Church (PCA), Sarah lives with her husband and four children in Matthews, North Carolina.



“As a faithful guide through the treasure trove of Romans, Sarah skillfully navigates principles critical to understanding the wonders of grace and salvation. This versatile study will challenge the seasoned student and encourage the novice while providing deeper understanding of the continuity of God’s plan of redemption between the Old and New Testaments. This book is the resource that you are sure to reference again and again!” — Vanessa K. Hawkins, director of women’s ministry, First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia

“The book of Romans is a mountain of gospel riches it would take a lifetime to scale, and this study is an excellent companion for the journey. Writing to women (or groups of women) who want to study the Bible thoroughly, seriously, and on its own terms, Ivill leads readers through the sections of Romans in twelve lessons. She lays out helpful background and context, and then she calls us to reflect on the text with pointed questions. As you work your way through the study, you will find that Ivill is an experienced guide—setting a direction; marking the trail; and pointing out, again and again, the marvelous gospel vistas before us. In fact, we may be so caught up in the glorious experience of our Christward trek through Romans that we forget she is there at all, which, I suspect, is exactly the way she wants it to be.” — Megan Hill, author of A Place to Belong: Learning to Love the Local Church

“In a day of shallow, therapeutic, ‘you go, girl’ approaches to women’s ministry, Sarah Ivill’s in-depth study of Romans is a welcome and timely gift to the church. In this outstanding, Christ-centered study, not only does Ivill faithfully explain and apply the text itself but she skillfully sets Paul’s letter in the wider context of redemptive history. Consequently, Ivill provides the necessary exegetical and interpretive tools for understanding all of Scripture. Are you hunting for a resource for your next women’s Bible study or searching for something to study on your own? Look no further! Ivill on Romans is as good as it gets.” — Jon D. Payne, senior pastor, Christ Church (PCA), Charleston, South Carolina

“First, a confession: I love the book of Romans! Second, a word of appreciation to Sarah Ivill, who has thoughtfully provided an exceptional commentary on this exceptional epistle while making it both accessible and usable for everyday Christians. Unlike most commentaries, this one will become a page turner as you begin to read this glorious exposition of the gospel and the gospel life.” — Harry L. Reeder, III, pastor and teacher, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

“I have observed Sarah Ivill’s love for the church as she teaches and serves the women of Christ Covenant Church. Surpassing her love for the church is her love for God’s Word, which she demonstrates in this careful study of Romans. Her probing and well-organized study of Paul’s great letter has the potential to build up and bless many women and their churches.” — D. Blair Smith, assistant professor of systematic theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte