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Righteous By Faith Alone (Hoeksema)

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Reformed Free Publishing Association


At the height of his powers as an interpreter of the Word of God in the late 1930s, Reformed theologian Herman Hoeksema preached a series of ninety-seven sermons covering the entire book of Romans. The transcription of them by a member of his congregation was recently made available to the RFPA for publication. 

The outstanding worth of this new work is its fresh, bold, penetrating, and utterly faithful exposition of the book of the Bible that the Reformation rightly regarded as the summa of the gospel of salvation by grace alone. Hoeksema called Romans "one of the richest and most beautiful parts of the Word of God." 

In addition to abundant natural abilities, wide reading, and disciplined theological study over many years, Hoeksema shared the zeal of the apostle Paul for the glory of the triune God in His sovereignty. This emboldened him to correctly elucidate what Paul said, particularly on predestination. 

This exposition is addressed not to the scholars, but to the very same audience for whom the apostle wrote the epistle: the "beloved of God, called to be saints." 

The clarity of language, the simplicity of explanation, the warmth of teaching, the sharpness of application, and the homeliness of illustration make this book truly a devotional commentary on Romans.