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Reservoirs of Strength: Lessons from the Book of James (Bilkes)

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The epistle of James opens with a command to count it all joy when we face life’s trials. But how can we speak of joy when difficulties bring so much sadness? In Reservoirs of Strength, Gerald M. Bilkes surveys James’s letter and directs us to eight quiet streams that can strengthen us when things get hard: the truth of God, the lordship of Christ, the friendship of God, the wisdom of God, the grace of God, the will of God, the justice of God, and the ear of God. If the weight of the world has worn you down, come study the book of James and find an inspired map to reservoirs of strength in testing times.

Equipped with questions for individual or group reflection at the end of each chapter, this volume makes an ideal Bible study tool.

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Table of Contents:

Introducing James, A Shepherd of Souls

Reservoir 1: The Truth of God

Reservoir 2: The Lordship of Christ

Reservoir 3: The Friendship of God

Reservoir 4: The Wisdom of God

Reservoir 5: The Grace of God

Reservoir 6: The Will of God

Reservoir 7: The Justice of God

Reservoir 8: The Ear of God



Gerald M. Bilkes is professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids.