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Radical Church: A Call to Rediscover the Radical Roots of the Christian Faith (Caldwell)

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Evangelical Press
'Instead of calling people from darkness to light, we are inviting people to come and sit in the dark, ' summarizes well the concern of this excellent book. The church today is trying to reach the culture by increasingly becoming like the culture rather than pointing people to the Way, the Truth and the Life. Radical Church is a clear call to God's people to return to the Scriptures for God's paradigm for our lives and churches.'--Dr. Gary Gilley
John Caldwell's first book, Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle, was the story of his childhood and amazing conversion. Now accepted into the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland, John looks at the church and the problems it faces today and finds the answer in a radical return to the roots of the Christian faith. David Robertson (St Peter's Free Church, Dundee and The Solas Centre for Public Christianity) provides the helpful Foreword.