Praying Always (Bakker)

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Praying Always is a brief but remarkable study of the life of prayer. With great simplicity and directness of style it covers a variety of important themes: prayer which is secret, persevering, improper, arrogant, humble, bold, true, pleading, effectual, thankful and unfulfilled. It concludes with a powerful warning of what happens when prayer is 'too late'.

Written in a pastoral and devotional spirit, but with profound and, at times, devastating honesty, Frans Bakker's work abounds in striking insights into the human heart. he frequently exposes man's self-deception, not harshly, but by a sensitive unfolding of the teaching of Scripture.

Praying Always teaches us about prayer; it also shows us our need of the God of grace to whom we pray and helps us to enter his presence.


Table of Contents: 

  1. Secret
  2. Persevering
  3. Improper
  4. Arrogant
  5. Humble
  6. Bold
  7. True
  8. Pleading
  9. Effectual
  10. Thankful
  11. Unfulfilled
  12. Too Late



Frans Bakker (1919-1965) was a minister of the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken in The Netherlands, serving congregations in Huizen and Driebergen. He is best known among English speakers for his book Praying Always, published by The Banner of Truth Trust.