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Pierre Viret: The Angel of the Reformation (Sheats)

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Zurich Publishing

Pierre Viret (1511-1571), the son of a tailor, was born in the town or Orbe, eighteen miles north of Lausanne, Switzerland. Though raised in obscurity, he grew to become a crucial Reformed leader during the infancy of the Protestant Reformation in French Switzerland. Viret, together with his closest associates John Calvin and William Farel, formed the Swiss Triumvirate, the three leading Reformers in the French-speaking world. Know as the Angel of the Reformation because of extraordinary Christian character and temperament, Viret was a model pastor during his ministry in Lausanne, Geneva, and France. Most of his ministry was served in Lausanne where he developed the Lausanne Academy. That institution would later relocate and become the Genevan Academy. after almost thirty years' ministry in Lausanne and Geneva, Viret spent his last ten years in fruitful ministry in France as the leader of the French Reformed Church. His theological output was immense, with over forty books to his credit. In his day he was a leading authority on political theory, applied Biblical law, economics, and apologetics.

This publication, undertaken in honor of the five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pierre Viret, marks the first time of the availability of a full biography of Pierre Viret to the English speaking world. In this biography R.A. Sheats brings to light the fascinating history and life of this important early reformer of the Protestant Reformation. Also containing a lengthy chronology of Viret’s life, a detailed listing of his books, and over sixty pages of illustrations and maps, Pierre Viret: the Angel of the Reformation will be an excellent tool for researchers, scholars, and those interested in the Swiss and French Reformation.



R.A. Sheats resides in Florida. She is currently engaged in the translation of Pierre Viret's original works from 16th century French into modern English.



“This new biography of the great French Swiss Reformer Pierre Viret is a groundbreaking venture. Not only has R.A. Sheats given is the first full (and exhaustively illustrated!) biography of Viret in English, but has achieved this feat with impeccable scholarship, making very generous use of the available sources. She has, in the manner of her great predecessor Merle d’Aubigné, entered into the very spirit of our Reformer, an achievement which she has rendered in a most engaging and attractive style.” - Jean-Marc Berthoud, Historian and Theologian, Lausanne

“R.A. has written a superb biography on our Swiss Reformer that is both warmhearted and scholarly. We anticipate a soon translation into French.” - Daniel Bovet, President of l’Association Pierre Viret, Switzerland