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Patrick of Ireland - Christian Biographies for Young Readers (Carr)

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Reformation Heritage Books

The name St. Patrick is associated with Irish legend and modern holidays. But why is he really worth remembering? In this beautifully illustrated book, Simonetta Carr tells the inspiring story of how the wealthy, young Patrick was kidnapped from Britain, taken as a slave to the pagan island of Ireland, and found a way to escape. Yet, more importantly, we see how Patrick’s suffering as a slave opened his eyes to the mercy of God and prepared him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Getting to know the real Patrick of Ireland, young readers will learn that the joy of the Lord will sustain them through difficult times and strengthen them to share the gospel with others. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: From Rich Teenager to Penniless Slave
  • Chapter 2: Escape
  • Chapter 3: An Unexpected Call
  • Chapter 4: A Stranger and Wanderer
  • Chapter 5: Bound by Love
  • Chapter 6: Feeding and Protecting God's Sheep
  • Chapter 7: After Patrick
  • Time Line of Patrick's Life
  • From Patrick's Pen
  • Did You Know?
  • Acknowledgements


Series Description 
The Christian Biographies for Young Readers seriesintroduces children to important people in the Christian tradition. Parents and school teachers alike will welcome the excellent educational value it provides for students, while the quality of the publication and the artwork make each volume a keepsake for generations to come. Furthermore, the books in the series go beyond the simple story of someone's life by teaching young readers the historical and theological relevance of each character. 

SIMONETTA CARR was born in Italy and has lived and worked in different cultures. A former elementary school teacher, she homeschooled her eight children for many years. She has written for numerous Christian biographies for children and recently published best-seller, Church History. Presently, she lives in San Diego with her family, where she is a member at Christ United Reformed Church. 

MATT ABRAXAS has traveled from California to France, studying different approaches to art. He enjoys creating and teaching art and currently exhibits his work at the SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. Matt lives with his wife, Rebecca, and two sons, Zorba and Rainer, in Lafayette, Colorado. 

“The story of Patrick beautifully told and illustrated. Simonetta Carr brings to life a great man of faith and his troubled times. Historically accurate and inspiring to readers of all ages.” 
—Phillip Freeman, professor of humanities at Pepperdine University and author of St. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography

“Why does Patrick matter? And what really mattered to Patrick? Simonetta Carr’s wonderful new book on Ireland’s most important Christian lets Patrick tell his story in his own words. Younger readers—and older readers, too—will delight in the amazing story of how God brought the gospel to Ireland.” 
—Crawford Gribben, professor of history at Queen's University Belfast and author of The Rise and Fall of Christian Ireland