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EBOOK Meet Martin Luther: A Sketch of the Reformer's Life - EBOOK (Selvaggio)

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Martin Luther (1483–1546) contributed so much to the development of Western civilization that it is not overstatement to declare that he changed the world as he set the Protestant Reformation in motion five hundred years ago. In this brief sketch, you will learn about the exciting historical facts and fascinating events surrounding this Reformer’s influential life. Luther’s story provides a picture of the gospel—an object lesson of faith, grace, and the forgiveness that can be found only in Jesus Christ. 

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  1. The Young Luther
  2. The Crisis and the Cowl
  3. Wittenberg and the Word of God
  4. The Dawn of the Reformation
  5. The Heat of Battle
  6. The Diet of Worms
  7. From Wartburg to Wittenburg
  8. Leader, Husband, and Theologian
  9. A Church is Born
  10. The Latter Years



Anthony T Selvaggio (J.D. The University of Buffalo School of Law; M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) currently serves as a visiting professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also Theologian in Residence at the Rochester Reformed Presbyterian Church in Rochester



“This fast-paced little book is a welcome introduction to the great Reformer Martin Luther. It does not gloss over Luther's flaws, but neither does it lose sight of the ways in which God was at work in and through him. In reading this volume, you'll get a clear sense of Luther's time, his personality, and his influence, and you will certainly gain a greater appreciation for all that we owe to his labors in the Lord." — Jonathan L. Master, professor of theology and dean of the school of divinity, Cairn University

“There is no better time to get to know Martin Luther—or to get to know him again—than the five-hundredth anniversary of the year he changed the world. As an introduction to his life, thought, and contributions, this work strikes just the right chord. Enjoy getting to know and coming to admire one of the towering figures of history!” — Tim Challies, author of Visual Theology