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Meditations on Preaching (Grimke)

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Log College Press

These brief meditations have been collected from the third volume of Francis Grimké's Works, entitled Stray Thoughts and Meditations, a diary written over the last twenty-five years of his life. Grimké's thoughts on preaching display his gospel-centered piety, his wisdom, and his experience of eventually fifty years of pulpit ministry. Preachers from every Christian denomination will benefit from this African American Presbyterian voice of the early twentieth century.


“Log College Press has done the church a great service in collecting the
reflections of an essential black voice from the Presbyterian and Reformed
tradition. I am genuinely excited about this book because Grimké is a
hidden gem that has remained buried for far too long. He was a man
possessed of great learning and pastoral insight who ministered faithfully
and courageously in a time of sweeping national turbulence and racial
hostility. We can all benefit from the vision communicated in these pages.”
— Russ Whitfield, Lead Pastor of Grace Mosaic, Washington,
D.C., Visiting Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary,
and Director of Cross-Cultural Advancement for Reformed
University Fellowship

“How would you like to sit at the feet of a pastor who served a single
congregation nearly fifty years, soaking up his wisdom and insight into
pastoral ministry? How much would you pay for such an opportunity?
Thanks to Log College Press, you have this opportunity and you don’t
have the break the bank to do it. That’s because here you have distilled
the pastoral wisdom of Francis Grimké, a hero of mine, who served a
Presbyterian pastorate in Washington, D.C., between 1878 and 1928.
What you’ll find is a feast that will guide you in the Lord’s service for
his glory!”
— Dr. Sean Michael Lucas, Senior Pastor of Independent
Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN, and Chancellor’s Professor
of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary

“I am nothing short of thrilled that Log College Press has published
Francis Grimké’s Meditations on Preaching. When Grimké says: ‘I have
never had any desire to preach what are called great sermons – sermons
which display learning or ability, and which are relished particularly by the
highly educated members of the congregation; but I have desired and have
sought to preach helpful sermons, sermons that meet the real needs of the
human heart in the midst of life’s trials, struggles, temptations, sorrows…’
it makes me want to sit down right there at his feet and learn. Grimké is a
Presbyterian hero, but he is a blessing for the whole church. Read and be
encouraged, fellow preachers.”
— Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III, Chancellor and CEO of Reformed
Theological Seminary, and John E. Richards Professor of
Systematic and Historical Theology

“Meditations on Preaching is a helpful reminder of the serious nature
of the pulpit ministry. Today it is easy to see preaching as an end in
itself. However, Francis Grimké, one of the giants in African American
church history, reminds us that the power and genius of preaching is in
expounding the Word of God, not in echoing popular ideologies. For all
who aspire to fill the pulpit, Francis Grimké’s wisdom is indispensable.”
— Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr., Assistant to the Chancellor, Senior Fellow
of the African American Leadership Initiative, and Provost’s
Professor of Theology and Culture at Reformed Theological