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Maximum Impact: Living and Loving for God's Glory (Mack)

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Do you wonder how you can . . . increase the impact you have on others? Strengthen your love for those around you? Make a powerful difference for Christ?

If so, this helpful book by Wayne Mack is especially for you. Maximum Impact will tell you exactly how to make an impact for Christ in a way that is simple, yet profound. Drawn from Dr. Mack’s lifetime of loving, compassionate ministry, this book will help you increase your effectiveness in every aspect of life.

With a special emphasis on 1 Corinthians 13, Maximum Impact will help you approach this “love chapter” with a newfound appreciation. Very practical and well illustrated, it includes application, study, and discussion questions so that you can put into practice what you have learned . . . and learn you will! Your friends, family, and colleagues will notice the change in you as you become more filled with love and more effective in your ministry every day.

So read and learn how to live and love for God’s glory. Spiritual fruit has never been sweeter.

Table of Contents:

  1. The ‘Over the Top’ Way to Make an Impact: Part 1
  2. The ‘Over the Top’ Way to Make an Impact: Part 2
  3. Love’s First Characteristic
  4. Real Love and Kindness Are Inseparable
  5. Kindness Visualized
  6. Envy and Jealousy Are Not Friends
  7. The Flip Side of Envy and Jealousy
  8. Lovers Don’t Brag
  9. Talk Is Cheap…or Is It?
  10. Rudeness Is Out; Courtesy Is In
  11. The ‘Seeking Not Its Own’ Lifestyle
  12. Being Irritable Is More than a Trait – It’s a Sin!
  13. Lovers Don’t Keep Records
  14. The Kind of Love That Rejoices in Truth – Not Wrongdoing
  15. Love Provides a Strong Roof
  16. Biblical Lovers Are Not Gullible
  17. Real Love Is Hopeful and Tenacious
  18. Biblical Based Guidelines for Becoming a Biblical Lover of People 



Wayne A. Mack divides his time, with his wife, between South Africa and the USA. While in the USA, he teaches at the Expositor's Seminary, Teh Master's College, and the Bible Church of Little Rock Ministry Training School.



"If every Christian read this book and put it into practice, the church would truly be salt and light in the world." - Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"Full of practical stories, clear practical application, and most importantly of all, Scriptures explained in their context." - Marta Peace, Biblical Counselor, Author of Damsels in Distress