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Lectures on Revivals (Sprague)

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‘The outstanding classic on this vital and urgently important matter.’ — D.M. LLOYD-JONES

Sprague’s experience of genuine revivals, his faithfulness to biblical theology, and his balanced view, eminently fitted him to write what Dr. Lloyd-Jones described as ‘The outstanding classic on this vital and urgently important matter.’ The chapters cover such important themes as The Nature of Revival, Obstacles to Revivals, Divine Agency in Revivals, General Means of Producing and Promoting Revivals, Treatment Due to Awakened Sinners, and Evils to be Avoided in Connection with Revivals.

There is also a large and excellent Appendix comprising letters on revivals by various North American evangelical leaders of the nineteenth century. A special and unique feature of this new edition is the biographical sketch of each correspondent, kindly supplied by Dr. James M. Garretson. The original Banner reprint, from which the text of this new edition was drawn, was reproduced from the personal copy of Charles Simeon of Cambridge, who warmly commended the volume to his Executor by recording on its flyleaf the words: ‘A most valuable book…I love the good sense of Dr. Sprague.’



William Buell Sprague’s (1795-1896) first pastoral charge was with the Congregational Church in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where he served from 1820-29. In 1829 he accepted a call to Albany, NY, to serve as pastor at Second Presbyterian Church. A beloved pastor and eloquent preacher, Sprague’s forty years of ministry in Albany were also marked by tremendous literary productivity. His publications include sermons, biographies, historical pieces, lectures, and an important volume addressing a biblical and historical view of the origins, effects, and fruits of a Holy Spirit-originated revival.